Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is is an online community that allows users to discover, watch and share videos with a maximum length of 99 seconds. is interactive. Videos are ranked based on what users believe is hot and what’s not. Every user can vote every day for or against a video and thus influence “the charts”. Votes from our registered users count double. Registration is free of charge and you can delete your account anytime.

Is really free of charge?

Yes. is completely free of charge. Everyone can watch and judge videos for free. Registered members can also upload videos and their votes count twice as much as votes from non-registered members. There are absolutely no charges associated with using

How can I watch videos?

To watch a video, simply click the play button. We have categories for the “Top Videos” and “Newest Videos”. If you are looking for a specific video use our “Search” function at the top of every page.

Can I download videos?

You cannot download videos to your computer. You can forward video links to your friends and add videos to your personal favorites. You can also link videos to your homepage or your blog as well as posting them on web applications like Facebook and Twitter

How long do my videos remain on

That is up to you. You can delete your videos at any time. Videos that violate the Terms of Use of will be deleted.

System requirements

Windows 2000 or higher with the latest updates, Linux or Mac OS X 10.3 or higher, modern generation web browser, Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher, broadband Internet connection with at least 56 kBit/s.

Privacy, copyright and content

Can other members see my e-mail address?

No. Your e-mail address will never be published on That also applies when other members write you a message. The only information others will see is your username – and your videos of course!

Do my videos violate a copyright?

A basic principle is: If the video is “yours“, you do not need to worry. You will find helpful information in our “Copyright advisory“. Read carefully!

How does handle violation of copyright? respects the privacy and copyrights of others and all members are asked to do so as well when they sign up for an account with As a member, you confirm that you hold the copyright for or have the permission to publish a video on If we receive notice that your video is in violation of copyright rules and regulations, we can remove your video and delete your account.

What does do to avoid copyright violations?

All videos on are uploaded by our members. Every member accepts our Terms of use and confirms to hold the copyright or to have the explicit permission of the author. takes the protection of copyright very seriously and we ask authors to contact us if he/she sees his/her copyright being violated. cooperates with every author and will remove videos that violate a copyright.

How to report a violation of copyright?

If you think that a member has uploaded a video without permission or does not hold the copyright of the material please fill out this form.

What happens if I am accused of a violation of copyright?

We will contact you if a violation of copyright has been reported for one of your videos. You will have the chance to comment on the report. reserves the right to delete videos or members after a violation of copyright without prior notice.

How does handle offensive, illegal or obscene content?

Every member has agreed to our Terms of use and thereby helps protect against offensive, illegal or obscene content. The attention of each member as well as the report function helps us make a safe and exciting website for all of our members.

Copyright advisory

It is a fundamental rule that a user may not publish material he/she does not hold the copyright for. That means you cannot upload a video in your name only because it has already been published somewhere else and is publicly accessible. Individuals are not allowed to simply publish everything that they find on the Internet. Everything that you have not personally produced may not be published. This refers to music videos, the latest movie trailer as well as TV shows and commercials. According to the law, it is also prohibited to have music in your holiday video because it violates the copyright of the artist. Please keep in mind that recording or saving videos on your computer’s hard drive and handing those over to a third party in particular is not allowed.
The same applies for recording concerts or sporting events. It is up to the organizer to decide how and where the material is published. Creating videos at your place of employment might also be critical if you do not respect the privacy of others. If people can be recognized in the material they have to agree to the publication. That agreement can be implicit if the people filmed know exactly what the material is for. By behaving accordingly, the person filmed can also demonstrate his/her agreement without uttering it explicitly. An anonymous crowd in public squares can be used for online videos without further concern.
Celebrities have to count on being filmed almost anytime. Nevertheless, their private life is a no-no. To violate other people’s rights can have consequences: If you are lucky your video will only be removed. If not, the author can claim damages. The legal fees alone can be extremely expensive. In most cases the website can be held accountable. But it can get the amount paid back from the user. That happens quickly if the user is easy to identify e.g. when he links the video to his private weblog. Hobby film makers do not need permission if they quote parts of material that is not theirs. In that case it has to be obvious that the material is not their own.

Contact and suggestions for improvement


Please send us your suggestions for improvement via this address: Your opinion is important to us!

Block and report

Report a video

Use the report button to report videos that caught your attention due to its illegal, obscene, offensive or illegitimate content, or if it violates your copyright. You will find the report button under every video. Choose the reason for reporting it, enter the security code and click “send” to submit the report.

Error messages

Why do I get a note that my video is defective when I try to upload it?

You might have used the wrong format or your video might be too large. You can upload videos in all current formats on We recommend: .FLV (Adobe Flash Video), .MP4 (Mpeg-4) and .AVI (Audio Video Interleave). The videos may not be larger than XX GB and not longer than 99 seconds.


Searching for a video on

You will find the Search function on every website in the right column on top of the page. Enter a search word and click on “find“. A list of results will be generated immediately.

Personal information

Create your own profile

If you are not registered yet, sign up for free. Click on Sign up on the homepage. Fill out the form, provide your e-mail address, your username and a password to register for free. You will automatically receive an e-mail that contains a link to activate your profile. After you have received the e-mail click on the link to confirm your registration and get started. Please note: The functionality of is limited if you are not a registered user. That means that your vote does not count as often as votes of our registered users.

Can I change my username?

No. Your username is your permanent identity in the community and cannot be changed.

How can I change my password?

Log in and click on “My profile”. To make any changes click on “Change profile“. Among “Actions” you will find “My password”. Click the button to change your password. Enter your old password and your new password below. To activate the change you have to save it.

How can I change my e-mail address?

Log in and click on “My profile”. To make any changes click on “Change profile“. Among “Actions” you will find “My e-mail address”. Click the button to change your e-mail address. Enter your new address and save it.

How can I delete my account?

To end your membership on and to delete your account, click on delete account and fill out the form. We would like to know your reason for leaving Is there anything you do not like? The team constantly works on getting better and your feedback is highly appreciated and taken seriously.

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