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I want to come in touch with more poeple in the world so I creat this page.
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I am Journalist, Theatre and Film maker. I love to act in Films as well.
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Fukushima - Berlin 2 01:22 Quicklist

Fukushima - Berlin 2

Protestaktion gegen AKWs vor dem Bundeskanzlerinamt in berlin am Mo., 14. März 2011.

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Fukushima - Berlin 1 01:22 Quicklist

Fukushima - Berlin 1

Protestaktion gegen AKW vor dem Bundeskanzlerinamt in Berlin am Mo., 14. März 2011.

2229 View(s) | 3 Comment(s)

Uploaded By Farhad Payar (4 years ago)

Art and Love 01:38 Quicklist

Art and Love

Vote for this video to promote multicultural artistic projects. Because there is no only misery...

5686 View(s) | 20 Comment(s)

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